GISHWHES - "If Confusion leads to knowledge then I must be a Genius"

"GISHWHES is both the problem and the solution" - Misha Collins 

What is GISHWHES? 

This is a question many people would love to know. In fact most likely all 282,131 + of @Mishacollins followers, including me, would love to know the answer to this.

Should I obsess endlessly over GISHWHES?

Probably not. If you have a life that would not be healthy.

Should I kidnap @mishacollins and torture him until I get my answers?

This, although very enjoyable, would also probably not be a good idea. This may make you end up in prison or even worse locked in a cage in hell with the souls of the two mentally challenged underwear models he works with.

How will I make it without knowing the answer to what is GISHWHES?

Believe me you will make it. Maybe it will take mind altering drugs or possibly a lobotomy but you will make it.