This is my opinion and not the opinion of the staff of GISHWHES

In my opinion GISHWHES has something to do with the mind and its boundaries. It has something to do with imagination and using it to do or be what you want to do or be. We all have it. Just close your eyes and there it is. It is in your dreams. It restricts the choices you make because of the imagined outcome. It puts boundaries on what is and isn't considered art. It also can allow anything to be art. You can restrict it down to nothing or you can let it go to great expanses. How this is going to be used by GISHWHES I can only imagine. You know, come to think of it, we are all doing just that. Using our imaginations and delving into the great mystery that is GISHWHES . This is my opinion. It is probably no where close, but shouldn't it be this?

Thanks for reading :)
Rebecca Jaco
@rebeccajaco on Twitter